School Assemblies

Programs that bring books magically to life.

Tess’ reading incentive magic and balloon shows are high energy, full of surprises and not a dull moment in the show. Children love watching magic and seeing simple balloons transformed in amazing creations for storytelling. These pro-reading shows educate students about the wonderful world of reading books, and several are featured in the program. The children are encouraged to check them out at the library. Celebrate reading with your kids, because good readers make good writers!

Choose your show below:

Dr. Seuss is one of the most
and loved children’s
authors. His books will be
highlighted with hilarious
results. Fox’s sock are dirty,
and washing them gets  unexpected

A unique balloon show featuring
costumes and props made from
balloons, magic and storytelling.
The students will get into the show,
literally. Pigs, horses, mustaches,
oh my.

Avast you land lubbers step
up and set your compass for a
new voyage. The students will
join Pirate Peggy’s pirate school
and find that true pirate
treasure is books.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle &
Read! A super-fun assembly
program the encourages
reading while teaching
environmental responsibility.
Laugh out loud with your
students when the
“RecycleMan” shows up.

The Magic Chef “cooks up” some
excitement and encourages your
students to be creative in the
kitchen by reading books
on healthy eating and exercise in
this hilarious assembly.

Family Fund Night

Tess offers a perfect opportunity for your PTA/PTO to raise money with very little effort.    Your school can host a Family Fund Night in the evening after you’ve brought me in to present a daytime assembly program. You could make enough to cover the daytime assembly programs and put some money in the bank.

Here’s how it works:

Tess will perform a one hour family show that includes magic, comedy, music, games and tons of audience participation.

We will provide a flyer that the school can copy and send home announcing the performance.

You school can charge a small admission fee ($5 per person or a $20 family pass works great)

So that there is no financial risk on your part, we will waive any performer’s minimum guarantee. Unlike many other fundraising ventures, your school pays no money up front for the Family Fund Night. We simply split ticket sales 50/50.

We’ll donate a large balloon sculpture used during the show to be raffled off at the end of the show.

Additional income can be generated by selling refreshment.

We can even include the teacher whose classroom sells the most tickets in a special portion of the show!

The Family Fund Night is a wonderful way to generate a sense of community among the parents, students, and teachers, as well as a risk-free, effort-free way to generate income for the school.

Workshops for kids

The famous AbraKIDazzle workshops are the premier skills building workshops for magic, balloon twisting and clowning. Workshops are perfect for school age after school programs and rewards for reaching the AR goal. Your kids will learn new skills and be empowered with their new talent.

Click here to learn more about our workshops.

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