A Fun Library Show

Build your BEST Library Program in 2017!

Construction underway now on the “Building a Better World Show” starring Tess the Tool Lady
and Sherlock the Construction Dog.

  • Fun & Laughter
  • Animal Architects
  • Better World Builders like Andrew Carnegie
  • Live Bunny Rabbit

Miss Tess brings magic and stories, and Sherlock the Dog brings the laughs in this
ALL NEW SHOW! Our show constructs a blueprint of inspiration for young readers in your
2017 Summer Programming.

Act fast to get in on the
ground floor of our calendar!

Contact Tess today via email, phone or excavation ground hog.

Don’t be the Disappointed Librarian!
Don’t put this off.

We did more Summer Reading shows in 2016 than ever before.

What librarians are saying!

“The balloon creations were amazing, and the stories were fun. I love the interactive
nature of the tellings. The whole audience was intrigued.”
Heather T., Galion Public Library

“What I liked best about the show was you talking about the books and each child
given a balloon to make them into that character.”
Janet O., Perry Cook Memorial Library

“The most memorable part was when the child sliced the banana with the balloon sword.
But really, I loved everything and practically every child got to be a volunteer that wanted to!”
Janet F., Herrick Memorial Library