Balloon Artist in Residence & Interactive Balloon Art

Watch excitement develop!

Balloon Artist In Residence

Set Tess up in a common area as she creates large balloon art, like a wearable dress or a race car, and observe the crowd slowly gather. It’s a conversation starter and ice breaker.

While working she can discuss your company’s news or special promotions. She will have a sketch of the design available and discuss how she takes a sculpture from idea to finished product.

If it’s a dress, it will be customized to fit. Perhaps a staff member or a lucky guest?

Another popular choice is for Tess to make several detailed balloon sculptures throughout your event and raffle them at the conclusion. Attendance stays high because everyone loves to take home amazing balloon art.

Interactive Balloon Art

Tess will design a large balloon interactive “puppet” creation, a 12 foot dinosaur for example.  Tess will puppeteer the ballooney sculpture roaming throughout your event interacting with your guests. Then this fantastic showpiece will be set up as a photo op for guests to enjoy.